A true non-partisan leader, vetted and endorsed by a variety of members and organizations throughout our community. 

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"Dr. Michael Daniels has the right background to serve District 3 capably. He’s well-grounded on the real challenges facing Orange County’s public schools and offers a low-key, approachable demeanor that will allow him to advocate for students and teachers alike.


He’d be the better choice in many matchups. Against the other remaining candidate in District 3, he’s a slam dunk!"

Orlando Sentinel

October 15, 2022

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"Dr. Michael Daniels has dedicated his life to education as a father, volunteer, and professor. He will stand up for students, parents and teachers during these turbulent times, and ensure our schools have the resources and safe learning environment to thrive. District 3 residents would be wise to elect him."


United States Representative

Florida's 9th District

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"Florida Rising proudly endorses Dr. Michael Daniels for Orange County School Board, District 3. Dr. Daniel's vision for OCPS is that of a high-quality and equitable education! We know he will fight for policy to create the best educational environment for Orange County students."


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"I am honored to endorse Dr. Michael Daniels for School Board District 3. He will fight for our families and youth like he's done throughout his entire career. He is the best choice for district three's diverse community."


OCPS School Board Member

District 2

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"Very important traits for a school board member to have: Are they accessible? Will they tell you the whole truth? Do they love your kids? And will they always remember that they work for the people? Michael Daniels has all that and more."


Former OCPS School Board Chair & Member

District 3

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"When it comes to representing children and teachers it is highly important to evaluate a respective candidate's resume, service to the community, and integrity, which is what I did and is why I am so emphatic in my choice to endorse Dr. Michael Daniels."


Belle Isle Mayor

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"I'm a graduate of OCPS, and know how incredibly important it is to have qualified, compassionate, and committed leadership at a school district level. During a time when our schools and LGBTQ+ students and teachers are being grossly targeted, I am happy to endorse Dr. Michael Daniels, a proven leader in education who will represent all students, families, and teachers."


Florida House District 42

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"Dr. Daniels is the ONLY candidate with an education degree AND extensive experience in education. He will best support our diverse community and make sure students receive all of the resources they need to thrive. This is why I am endorsing Dr. Michael Daniels for Orange County School Board District 3."


State Senator District 15

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"I, Patty Sheehan, endorse Dr. Daniels for School Board District 3. I support Dr. Daniels because of his caring compassion for ALL families. School Board races are important because our children need to be educated, not indoctrinated."


City Commissioner District 4

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