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Meet Dr. Daniels

A community leader dedicated to education

Dr. Michael Daniels is running for Orange County School Board, District 3. Michael is the only candidate with experience in education. His work in education for over 20 years as a college administrator and his doctorate in education make him the most qualified candidate. We need someone with experience in education to lead our schools!

Michael Daniels


A true non-partisan leader, vetted and endorsed by members and organizations throughout our community!

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  • Increase focus on teacher retention, compensation, & preventing burn out 

  • Foster a creative and  collaborative approach when bargaining with unions​

  • Trust teacher professional judgement and encourage teacher autonomy


  • Listen to student feedback and prioritize their concerns

  • Increase awareness of mental health resources and how to reach out for help

  • Grow student opportunities for STEAM education in all grade levels


  • Educate parents about college AND technical opportunities to ensure every student has a plan after graduation

  • Encourage school and community involvement through volunteering and mentorships

  • Foster a collaborative approach with parents to meet students' academic and emotional needs

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